Social Studies PowerPoint Games For Teachers

Social Studies PowerPoint Games For Teachers, for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, make your own jeopardy powerpoint, powerpoint games for kids, learn how to make your own powerpoint games. Topics covered include: U.S.A. history, presidents, early American history, Map reading, U.S. Cities and capitals, supply and demand, goods and services, great historical figures and more.

Millionaire PowerPoint Games for kids, 20th Century American History

20th Century American History

20th century American History. Classroom PowerPoint Game for use by Teachers.

American landmarks PowerPoint Jeopardy Game For teacher of kids.

American Landmarks & Monuments

PowerPoint Presentation games on learning about American Landmarks and monuments.

Early 19 Century American history. PowerPoint Game Download For Teachers

Early 19th Century American History

Early 19th century American History, Jeopardy PowerPoint game for kids.

PowerPoint presentation game. A jeopardy game for learning about American monuments and landmarks

U.S. Lanmarks PPT

Some facts about American landmarks e.g. Golden gate bridge, the White House, Disney Land, etc.

Goods and services powerpoint game for kids.

Goods & Services PPT.

What are goods and what are services ? Learn definition of both concepts.PPt download

Historical figures in a American history. PowerPoint Game For Kids PPT

U.S. Historical Figures

Great historical figures in U.S. History, hidden pictures ppt game for children.

U.S. Presidents PowerPoint Game For Teachers of Kids in 2nd to 5th grades

U.S. Presidents

Learn about U.S. presidents by playing a classroom PPT game. Identify with pictures.

U.S. presidents PowerPoint presentation games for kids

U.S. Presidents PPT

Be the first to find out who the U.S. president is the hidden picture is. Free PPT download.

U.S. State Capitals PowerPoint Lessons

U.S. State Capitals

Learn about state capitals. It entails locating state capitals on a map. PPT game.

U.S.A. States on a map - PowerPoint Jeopardy Game for Kids.

U.S. States on a map

Find and locate U.S. states on a map and win points in this PPT jeopardy game.

PowerPoint game template Jeopardy game. Millionaire game

Millionaire PPT Game Template

Make your own millionaire jeopardy PowerPoint game from a template.

Hidden Pictures PowerPoint game template

Hidden Pictures Template

Download a free hidden pictures PowerPoint template and make your own game.