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www.kidsocialstudies.com is a website created through the collective efforts of people with a passion for educations and teaching and through it we share our latest resources.
Jude Mphoweh: I am very passionate about elearning. At the moment, I am a part-time lecturer at two colleges in Montreal, Canada where I teach courses on digital marketing. Additionally, I am educated in diverse science and arts disciplines which makes me uniquely placed to create teaching resources for varied grades. Through my work on the internet, I hope to network with several teachers across the globe. My wife and I passionate about innovations in elearning.
Doriane Laetitia: I am a teacher of English as a second language (ESL) to students in the secondary level. I have 6 years of teaching experience as of 2019. Teaching in remote areas of Cameroon deprived of internet services and low in staff taught me to appreciate any resource that a teacher took time to plan and give out for free. After returning to the city, I joined hands with my husband Jude, to create free resources and also polish up existing lesson plants to post free on websites like this. I am excited to share my knowledge and see it helping people across the globe.
Sandeep N.: He is the webmaster who manages the technical side of our projects. He is always there to help us through any technical difficulties with regards to development and layout. He is based in India and has a good web dev online portfolio.

Andrew Jackson Worksheet pdf for kids

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson Worksheet for kids.

Flash Cards for kids on Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Printable flash cards about Andrew Jackson

PowerPoint for kids to discorver U.S. presidents in pictures

U.S. Presidents PPT

PowerPoint Download on U.S.A. presidents.

The Jungle Board Game for kids - Pdf printable download

Board Games on Presidents

Download free PDF printable Board games on U.S. Presidents.

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