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The following are links to social studies games for children. The games are arranged by grades and include the following types of games: crocodile games, pirate games, snakes and ladders games, memory games, puzzles and more. Each game contains questions covering specific social studies topics. The great part of these games is that they are really fun and yet still convey the message on the topic in focus. Interactive fun games will get children really excited about any activity. This website also offers premium social studies worksheets in a printable pdf format. Each worksheet has an answer key attached on the 2nd page. Teachers, parents and students in search of extra learning resources will find the resources on this page useful. Please share.

2nd grade social studies online games

2nd Grade Games

Second grade social studies fun games.

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3rd grade social studies interactive online video games

3rd Grade Games

Grade 3 social studies activities for kids.

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4th grade social studies games online for review

4th Grade Games

4th grade social studies games for educators

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5th grade social studies educational fun games online

5th Grade Games

Extra fund 5th grade social studies games.

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