Interactive map of U.S.: 50 states game


The territory of the United States is expansive and diverse, spanning from the sun-kissed shores of the West and East Coasts to the endless stretches of plains, farms, crop fields, and flatlands of the Midwest.
Feel free to examine this interactive map of the U.S.: 50 states to learn the locations of each state and discover fascinating facts about them.
The nation is composed of an assortment of different peoples, biomes, landmarks, histories and cultures. Thus, each of the U.S.’s fifty states has something unique to boast, coalescing into their residents’ shared identity and enriching the entire Union as a whole sovereign entity.
Being able to point out each state on a map is a useful practical skill to have. You can use the map to practice pointing out here each state is located in the United States’ territory and become familiar with their shapes and sizes.
You may be able to recall the borders of certain states due to their distinct outlines – these would include California, Texas and Florida. Glancing at some of the other areas in the U.S. map, however, reveals quite a handful of square-like or rectangular states that can look almost completely identical.
Many people can – understandably – get confused in telling the Dakotas apart from Wyoming, Colorado, or other Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. It’s helpful to practice learning how to differentiate between each place to develop your geography knowledge and avoid the embarrassment of misnaming these states in the future.
When compared to Rhode Island or Delaware, large states like Texas and Alaska can appear gargantuan. In fact, many U.S. maps often don’t have enough space to place some states’ initials within their boundaries – you can usually see the initials for Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware and Massachusetts float a little bit out to the right in such maps.
The best online U.S. maps offer a decent amount of additional information to help you further distinguish each state. Learning the capitals and the largest cities for each state is a great place to start – especially if plan on visiting a particular state someday.
These facts only scratch the surface, however. You can gain more insight on a state’s customs, climate, environment, principles, and fame by finding some other common facts. A state’s motto is a prime example. A motto is a short saying that showcases a little part of a place’s spirit and ideals. The state bird, tree, and flower also make for wonderful trivia – and can brief you in on what pictures to take for your photo album.
Whether you’re a U.S. citizen, a tourist, or someone browsing from other great and proud lands, there’s always something new that you can learn about the United States of America. The great thing about a U.S. 50 states interactive map is that people – especially students – can soak in a lot of new facts about the country and learn a little bit more about its rich nature, its proud history, its people and its culture.

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