3rd Grade Social Studies Flashcards PDF, Printable Cards

3rd Grade Social Studies Flashcards PDF, printable cards for students to review varied skills studied in third grade. Flashcards have the advantage of facilitating repeatition and memorization. After using these flash cards students will learn skills in several topics like: Early American history, American monuments, U.S. presidents, why the U.S.A joined the First and Second World War, the Tea Party, Great people in American History, U.S. presidents and their achievements and more.

American Landmarks

Deck of cards on American landmarks and monuments. Teach kids with these flash cards.

Flash cards on American monuments. Students will look at pictures, identify landmarks and answers questions.

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Golden Gate Bridge

Deck of Cards to teach kids about the Gold Gate Brigde. Each card contains several answer options. Download for free.

Learn about the Golden Gate Bridge, when it was constructed, who constructed it, its length, height, lifespan etc.

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U.S. Flag

Flash cards on the American flag. Learn some facts about the flag and its meaning to the American people.

Learn about the American flag, its colors and what they symbolize, when it was adopted and what it means to the people.

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Lincoln Memorial

5th grade social studies card games pdf printable

Learn about the Lincoln Memorial, when it was constructed, why it was constructed, what is written on it.

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Local Government

Flash cards to teach kids the role of the local government pdf downloads

The local government and its role in the community. Printable flash cards for kids to review. Click below.

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Abraham Lincoln

learn about Abraham Lincoln from this set of flash cards.

Who was Abraham Lincoln ? What was he famous for ? Learn more with these flash cards.

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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart Flash cards for download

Amelia Earhart was the first female American pilot to fly sollo across the Atlantic Ocean. Learn more about her.

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Flash cards.

Learn many quick facts about Benjamin Franklin. Learn about some of his inventions by answering questions.

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Davy Crocket

Davy Crocket Flash Cards - Free printable downloads

Printable Flash cards for kids to review some quick facts about Davy Crocket - Print here.

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther Jr. Flash cards for kids to review at home or in the classroom.

Learn about American activist Martin Luther King Junior. This is a link to a collection of flash cards.

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Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong Flash cards

Learn about Neil Armstrong from this collection of flash cards. This set is a free download.

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Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Flash cards download pdf.

Learn about Rosa Parks, what she was famous for and how is remembered in history. click here

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Statue of Liberty

Flash cards on the Staue of Liberty. Free downloads

A collection of cards containing questions about the statue of liberty, when it was built, height, size etc.

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Washington Monument

Flash cards about the washinton monument. pdf downloads

Cards with MCQ's about the Washington monument, when it was built, what it symbolizes etc.

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The White House

Flash cards about the White House. Kids will learn some fun facts about this building.

The White House. Download a collection of cards which teach kids about the White House, its History etc.

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Flash cards to teach Kids about the Christmas day festival. Learn about dates and activities carried out on this day.

What is Christmas. Download flash cards and learn about some activities that are commonly carried out on Xmas day.

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Flash cards on Easter day celebrations. Pdf downloads

Easter day celebrations flash cards for kids. Here students will learn about how this day originated and what people do.

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Goods & Services

Learn about goods and service with a set of cards containing relevant questions.

What is a good and what is a service in economics. A collection of cards for kids to learn about the two concepts.

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Goods & Services

Flash cards about the White House. Kids will learn some fun facts about this building.

Practice with life examples how to distinguish goods from services. Download all the cards from the link below.

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Producers & consumers

Learn about producers and consumers by downloading the cards below.

Who is a producer and who is a consumer in economics ? These cards teach both concepts with life examples. Click below.

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Third grade social studies flash cards. Free Printable resources for teachers and parents of students in grade 3. These cards cover various topics which students might struggle with. The advantage with flash cards is that they enable students to review and memorize their facts quickly. All our cards are free pdf downloads which can be laminated and cut out for use at different times. Flash cards can be used for classroom games, homeschooling and many more. Visit other sections of the site to download other resources.